A Moveable Feast – Part I - Exhibitions

Past exhibition

A Moveable Feast – Part I


The first part of A Moveable Feast is dedicated to photographer Roe Ethridge.

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography. Borrowing images already in distribution, including outtakes from his own commercial work and sometimes already published in other contexts, he subverts the photographs’ original roles and expands their signifying possibilities.

Through an intentional balancing between spontaneity and staging, Ethridge manages to traverse and question photography’s typologies. The selection of images presented in this exhibition echo this dislocating process. While the pristine sill-lives Chanel Eyewear on Mirror (2013) and Bracelet (2013) decontextualize luxury, backstage full-face portrait Sigrid (2013) references Ethridges’ simultaneous commercial and self- assignments. Wave break (2010) reveals how Ethride sometimes organizes a series around a certain theme, surf being one of the most consistent throughout his work.

The selection and disposition of these works in the exhibition room is the result of a constant inventorying and editing of images that for Ethridge is as important as the images themselves. This working process, which he names “fugue”, is inspired by a compositional technique that brings together different contrapunctual voices. By unfolding this practice, Ethridge takes into account that images are continuously subject to a very complex mediation and that each one is part of a field of relations.