A Moveable Feast - Part XII - Exhibitions

Past exhibition

A Moveable Feast - Part XII


Campoli Presti is pleased to announce the twelfth part of A Moveable Feast with a solo presentation by Charles Mayton.

Playing off the theme of The Moveable Feast in a punning manner, a selection of five individual new works constitute something like that of a tasting menu. Each of the works is composed of their own individual logic and material ingredients. These ingredients translate literally to material painting procedures and signification comprising a sampling of a linguistic range in differing pictorial painting constructions. These include historical painting subjects such as the classical still life, along with quoted tropes and signifiers employed in modernist painting to a more current relationship to \ˌre-pri-ˌzen-ˈtā- shən, -zən-\ utilizing photographic and digital printing processes.

These works conversely set up a sculptural tension between two conventions of painting as an object; the flatness of the picture plane and the architectural construction of the support. Figure and ground compete spatially and blur the edges between image and support, material and application. The use of a canvas as the supporting structure for a second mirrors the classic device of the mise en abyme, historically used to quote another work or to simply depict a “painting” within the painting. Collaged elements interrupt the flatness of \ˌre-pri-ˌzen-ˈtā-shən, -zən-\ and reveal painting’s ability to be quickly subsumed into image, acknowledging their inevitable flattening.

The shared link in these works is a self-conscious \ˌdē-ˌgəs-ˈtā-shən\ with regard to each as a physical performance through material means. The material and linguistic modes employed here articulate a /’ded ˌpan/ approach with a sense of humor and play within painting. They are meant to be consumed and digested both visually as well as linguistically.