Eileen Quinlan exhbition: Eileen Quinlan

Past exhibition

Eileen Quinlan

09 September - 07 October 2006

Eileen Quinlan

Sutton Lane is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in London of Eileen Quinlan.
Eileen Quinlan is interested in the false transparency of the photographic image. For her, it’s not a window, but a mirror. To force an engagement with the surface of this illusion, she employs crude alienation effects. The process of building pictures with a limited set of materials is illustrated, serving to further highlight the photograph’s constructed nature. Produced via the most common tricks of the commercial photo trade, the “Smoke & Mirrors” pictures are straight-forward still-life photographs, unmanipulated in the darkroom or through digital craft.

For this exhibition she presents editioned photo-works in both black and white and in color. There is also a series of polaroids, and an “edition piece”, which comprises six identical prints, thus turning the idea of the photographic edition against itself by creating a unique work.