Eileen Quinlan exhbition: Fahrenheit and Stone Roses

Past exhibition

Fahrenheit and Stone Roses


Eileen Quinlan

Sutton Lane is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Paris of New York based artist Eileen Quinlan. Mastering commercial photography’s processes and equipment, Quinlan firstly arranges table-top still lifes using a very limited number of objects. Mirrors, reflecting surfaces, fabrics materiality is then emphasised to the point to suggest immateriality.

Six of the new photographs on show represent a further development of the series Fahrenheit that Sutton Lane presented earlier this year in the section Statements at Art|39|Basel. The two new black and white silver gelatin prints, where the composition complexity has been pushed much further, correspond to a new engagement of the artist with big size images. Within the exhibition, Stone Roses, the sole representational image, functions as an introduction to the artist’s practice and as a visual explanation of her artistic concerns. In fact, within this realistic photograph are the same elements that characterise the artist’s semi abstract, quasi pictorial photographic outcomes. The only difference consisting in the fact that in the latter ‘Color, atmosphere, time, composition, description are reduced to their most basic forms, and take their turn as the subject of the photographs.*”

*Artist’s statement 2006