Liz Deschenes exhbition: Right / Left

Past exhibition

Right / Left


Liz Deschenes

Sutton Lane is pleased to present Liz Deschenes’ first solo exhibition in Paris. On view are four large photograms, non-representational images which are the result of exposing photosensitive paper to outdoor light in the night. Through applying silver toner to the black and white photographic paper the artist produces slightly reflective sheets, records of the specific physical conditions they were exposed to and of the chemical interaction between light and certain substances.

The works are void of all representational content and circumvent the camera – the optical device normally used for the formation of the image – reflecting on the procedures that intersect in photography. Deschenes uses this exploration of photographic processes as a tool to investigate photography itself, the way the medium has been positioned and historicized as well as its relationship to other practices.

In the present installation the works are placed off the centre on the wall referring to the difference between the monocular vision of the camera and the human binocular vision.

The conventions of reading and looking are put into play reversing the expectations of the viewer.