Eileen Quinlan exhbition: Twin Peaks

Past exhibition

Twin Peaks

08 September - 03 October 2012

Eileen Quinlan

Campoli Presti is pleased to present Eileen Quinlan’s fifth solo exhibition at the gallery. On view are large scale, glossy colour photographs, digitally printed from film negatives. Their size, intensity of colour, and excess of detail create an immersive experience for the viewer, alluding to the seductive force of commercial photography.

This new series reflects the artist’s interest in picturing the body and its abstraction through photography. Yoga mats, transformed via studio lighting and hand manipulation, represent the figural. The mats were chosen for their malleability, but also for their ubiquity – for what they telegraph in the broader culture about health and well being, lifestyle and class, a kind of contemporary spirituality.

The textural, highly defined surface becomes a physical landscape where Quinlan’s ongoing investigations regarding textiles and their relationship to craft, and what might constitute a gendered form of abstraction can be further explored.