Leonardo Pellicanò


Leonardo Pellicanò works mainly with painting, exploring complex dimensions of thought and feeling through the medium. The memory of a cultured gaze is mixed in Pellicanò's work with the freshness of the strokes, creating a fleeting space where pictorial structures open up to unexpected presences. Art history is utilized freely in a language of apparitions, going from pagan imagery to alchemical symbolism of the middle ages. The works breathe of an exhalting quality of freedom, they seem to be the physical remnant of a psychic exploration, at the edge of losing grip with reality, and slipping into a world of colorful hallucinations.

Leonardo Pellicanò (Rome, IT, 1994) lives and works in Paris. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Nuova Academia di Belle Arti in Milan and a Master's degree from the École cantonale d'art de Lausanne. He has always been involved with his own generation of artists, organizing shows and performances in both institutional contexts and independent projects. In 2021, he took part in the group show Lemaniana, Reflets et autres scènes, at the Centre d'art contemporain de Genève.

Selected Works