Victoria Colmegna


Victoria Colmegna (Argentina, 1986) lives and works in Buenos Aires.

"Victoria's work engages with the styles and dynamics that dominate closed systems like cliques self-critically reflecting the making of the ‘young’ artist’s oeuvre as a self abusive practice.

The work is always over-curated, populous, somewhat apocryphal, it’s transpersonal; as in things done by many. By mixing, committing, hosting, inviting, ordering, demanding, and begging different things from different people, she tries to find the cipher for selfhood's unresolved dilemma. The work frantically border- hops between textile design, fan item, family memorabilia and pharmaceutics and art commodity.

Her painting is photography based and recollects visual cues like a fashion police in a crime scene.

She's fascinated by psychology, alternative medicine, and kitsch."

Selected Works